Future Automotives

The auto industry in India is growing rapidly and is one of the largest in the world. The industry sells approximately 2 million cars and 9 million bikes each year. India is home to more than 40 million passenger car vehicles. The Indian automotive industry is centered on approx. 3 locations namely Chennai, Pune and Delhi/NCR [National Capital Region].

Future Automotives

Skoda Laura comes in following 8 versions with 2 engine and 2 transmission options. Skoda Laura version name to know on-road price in your city, specifications and features. Skoda plans to get their super performer the Laura RS (known as the Octavia RS in international markets). The Laura RS has a 1.8TSI engine which produces a whooping power of 160bhp and was seen in India at the performance show November 2009 in Mumbai and even at the Auto Expo’10 in New Delhi. The Laura RS will be car for performance enthusiasts. The car also sports alloy pedals and light weight Neptune alloy wheels. The RS badge is reserved strictly for the fastest, most powerful of Skoda variants. The Skoda Laura RS is the newest addition to the Rally Sport legacy and is designed to provide maximum driving pleasure through performance and precision without compromising on Skoda’s reputation for comfort and safety.

In Future Honda to launch briosmall car at possibly around Rs 4.2 lakh – 4.5 lakh band Honda’s first small car for the mass market, Brio will be launched The car is expected to be priced at Rs 4.2 lakh to Rs 4.5 lakh to compete with Maruti’s Swift, Volkswagen’s Polo, Ford’s Figo, Hyundai’s i10 and Toyota Liva

Honda has developed Brio after five years of painstaking research of the Indian market, keeping in view the local conditions and specifically catering the car to typical Indian families. The car has a 1200cc petrol engine which generates power to the tune of 90 BHP. Cars with less than 4-metres of length and 1200 cc petrol and 1500 cc diesel engines are considered small cars.

Honda wants to tap the huge potential in smaller cities to ensure the Brio takes on competitors and revive its flattening sales.